From specified level you can enchant your equipment. Enchantment is available for weapon items from level 2, and for armor items — from level 1. To enchant your equipment, you can talk to special NPC that can be found in any big city.

special NPC

Warning: Item enchantment requires it to be upgraded first. There are two types of enchantment scrolls:

  • Weapon enchantment
  • Armor enchantment

To get to the enchantment talk to NPC. You’ll see the enchantment window.

enchantment window

1. Item slot
2. Enchantment scroll slot
3. Reinforcement crystal slot — increases the chance of successful enchantment. (Not necessary)

Warning: there won’t be 100% chance of successful enchantment. The higher is the level of the equipment itself and the previous enchantment, the lower are your chances for success.

Maximum enchantment level is level 5. All the equipment available is divided at several tiers, for each one of them you’ll need a special enchantment scroll. You can see a list below there are shown all the types of spells and the effect your equipment will get upon use.

Armor enchantment

5 — 19 lv. 20 — 29 lv. 30 — 39 lv. 40 lv.
Healing scrolls — charms that heal the owner after taking damage Small spirit spell scroll Spirit spell scroll Great spirit spell scroll Greatest spirit spell scroll
Reflecting scrolls — charms that can reflect taken damage Small reflecting spell scroll Reflecting spell scroll Great reflecting spell scroll Greatest reflecting spell scroll
Water scrolls — charms that can dispel a debuff after taking damage Small water spell scroll Water spell scroll Great water spell scroll Greatest water spell scroll
Speed increasing scrolls — charms that can increase character’s movement speed after taking damage Small speed spell scroll Speed spell scroll Great speed spell scroll Greatest speed spell scroll
Scrolls of physical armor — charms that increase your physical armor stat upon use Small physical spell scroll Physical spell scroll Great physical spell scroll Greatest physical spell scroll
Scrolls of magical armor — charms that increase your magical armor stat upon use Small magical armor spell scroll Magical armor spell scroll Great magical armor spell scroll Greatest magical armor spell scroll

Weapon enchantment

5 — 19 lv. 20 — 29 lv. 30 — 39 lv. 40 lv.
Fire scrolls — can ignite the target dealing periodical damage Small fire spell scroll Fire spell scroll Great fire spell scroll Greatest fire spell scroll
Ice scrolls — can slow the target down while dealing damage Small ice spell scroll Ice spell scroll Great ice spell scroll Greatest ice spell scroll
Bleeding scrolls — can cause target’s bleeding, inflicting periodical damage Small blood spell scroll Blood spell scroll Great blood spell scroll Greatest blood spell scroll
Armor decreasing scrolls — decrease target’s magical armor stat upon use Small magic rift spell scroll Magic rift spell scroll Great magic rift spell scroll Greatest magic rift spell scroll

Applying some of the types of charms to the weapon also activates some visual effect.

visual effect

How do you get enchantment scrolls?

Enchantment scrolls are one of the most rare resources. You can get the scroll from the bosses in the dungeons and with a very low chance — from common mobs.