Many of the players prefer to conquer the game world in a good company. For those players we present the clan system described in the guide below.

Create a clan

Clan creation is available to any character above level 10. To do that, go to the clan manager that can be found in any big city.

clan manager

Press interaction button [F] and select the line «Create a clan». Creation of the clan will cost you 10 000 golden coins and you should have that entire sum in your bag.

After your clan is created, you can reach Clan navigation menu (N). Use it to manage your clan.

Invite to clan

There are multiple ways to invite player to your clan:

1. Through the interaction menu. Right click at the character’s icon and select «Invite to clan».


2. Through clan navigation menu. Find «Invite» button at the bottom of the clan window. Type the name of the character you want to invite in the window that will appear.


Clan window

At the first page you can make a short note describing your clan and leave a message to all your clan mates.


In the Roster tab you can change your players rank or expel them from the guild.


List of ranks:

  • Recruit — no special privileges.
  • Private — can invite other people to the clan.
  • Officer — can invite and expel players from the clan. Can reassign clan mates’ ranks.
  • Leader — can invite and expel players from the clan. Can reassign clan mates’ ranks. Can disband the clan or pass the leadership to the other player of the same clan.

In the «Castles» tab you can find information about the castles:
— Name of the controlling clan
— Time of the siege
— Enchantment state


Enchantment state — is a state of magical shield that prevents the castle from being captured. If your clan is controlling the castle, «Teleport» button in this menu will be active and by pressing it you will be able to go directly to your clan’s castle. In the «Journal» tab you will see a log of all that happened to the clan: people invited and expelled, ranks reassigned and so on.

Benefits of the clan

The key advantage of clan membership is an ability to take part in the castle siege. More information about the event you can get from the corresponding guides.

Castle siege