• New dungeon — Temple of the Abyss


    The world of Sphere keeps getting bigger as explorers make new and exciting discoveries. Today another dungeon opens its doors to players of level 46 and above — Temple of the Abyss.

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  • New add-on: The Forgotten Lands


    The world of Sphere grows ever larger as explorers discover new previously inaccessible territories. A new region was found beyond war-torn Bristlefields, a vast expanse called the Forsaken Lands.

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  • Global Update: Craft System and More!


    Sphere 3 is getting more and more interesting! The new opportunities appear and some known thing get new attributes.Please find below the patch notes for Global Update.

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  • PvP servers merge


    EU Nomad PvP realm and RU Almaert PvP realm are now merged into one great international realm. You can meet more friends, slay more enemies and have endless fun in Erikuria and Tyr Twayd.

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  • New castle equipment system


    As you already know, the most important and determining factor in our work on the game is your feedback and suggestions. We have made some changes in castle equipment system.

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  • New masks and helmets in the shop!


    Now you can buy permanent masks and helmets in the shop and complement them with additional stats to improve your character!

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  • Premium account is available


    How to get more item and coins? Where to put the excesses? How to save money on the repairs? What else you may need to gain power? Find answers with the premium account!

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  • Character traits reset


    There is no secret that some classes’ mechanics could be changed due to the further game development. To help you adapt for the changes we are giving Traits reset scroll to every character.

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  • Hotfixes during maintenance 03.02.2016


    Find out what has been done during maintenance

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  • Hotfixes during maintenance 13.01.2016


    Find out what has been done during maintenance

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