• Bright Flame Holiday!


    No matter what weather looks like this summer, the world of Sphere remains smoking hot. Welcome to Bright Flame Holiday!

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  • Ride a magnificent steed fit for a true hero!


    A magnificent steed that will ride you from Forgotten Lands to Sindergreg and back is already here and ready! Get this adorable mount right now and start a new great adventure in Sphere 3.

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  • Keys for the new caskets are available!


    Now in the store you can find the keys for the new caskets of item upgrades that become available after the last update.

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  • Mounts on sale - get your discount


    Are you enjoing Sphere 3? Do you want to get more fun of it? We have great offer for you. 20% off on every mount! Try it today!

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  • Potion of wealth


    Dear friends, we would like to inform you that the following offer has been added to the GT store.

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