• Reach for the top on Immertel!


    Battle is on! Who will be the first to get to the top? One of this great warriors will get incredible prize. Will it be you?

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  • Enjoy the Snowy Fairytale!


    Christmas came to the Sphere 3. Take part in the festive events, meet new characters, complete special festive missions and don’t forget to play snowball fight!

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  • Attack of the Ghosts


    Halloween is coming and it means that all kinds of scum is already leaving tombs and lairs. World of Sphere 3 is under attack of ghosts. Welcome to the Halloween event at Sphere 3!

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  • Don't miss a new event in Sphere 3!


    It’s been 26 ages since the First Builders laid the foundations of the new universe. Join a new event in Sphere 3 to get some unique gifts!

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  • Oktoberfest!


    Oktoberfest is coming to brighten your dull autumn weekdays! Take part in the Drinks festival in Sphere 3 and receive valuable rewards along with unforgettable impressions!

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  • Knowledge Time!


    Day of Knowledge is coming, and is there better time to make pleasant discoveries in the world of Sphere?

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  • Birthday adventures!


    Famous explorers from both factions return to the capitals to celebrate Sphere 3 birthday. They will reward you with fantastic gifts!

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  • Victory Day! Complete missions and get rewards!


    It is time for all denizens of the world of the Sphere to honor the warriors that lost their lives in the great battle between the four races!

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  • Spring adventures in Sphere 3


    Join the spring event and get rewards every day!

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  • Get your reward as a true Defender!


    A new in-game event is on, and it's time to show your valor and get some great rewards!

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