[Event] The Crushing Blow

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[Event] The Crushing Blow

Post by GameXP_14520267 » November 3rd, 2016, 3:26 am

Heroes of the Enchanted World!

Opposition of the humans and demons brings up new battles and intrigues involving more and more recruits into whirlwind of war. Spies have reported that the enemy forces got reinforcement! Great hero has joined the enemy and he’s preparing crushing blow. Who’s this mysterious warrior?

Protect the honor of your race on 3-rd of November! Participate in an event and cast out the foe!

Enemy hero will attack the servers:
• Anhelm: Demons - 17:20 Moscow time (Hero Человекант will attack Ribbon Glen); Humans - 17:40 Moscow time (Hero Скуба will attack Morrigan Groves South).
• Almaert: Demons - 18:00 Moscow time (Hero Барбзилла will attack Ribbon Glen); Humans - 18:20 Moscow time (Hero Дьяволинк will attack Morrigan Groves South).

Use your chance to gain fame and get rich as the ruler has promised
• 5 Scrolls of Resurection
• 5 Scrolls of Clensing
• 5 Potions of Dueler
For the one who will defeat the enemy hero and make the final crushing blow!

Advance for the victory!

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