Chat window and other signs of unfinished game

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Chat window and other signs of unfinished game

Post by GameXP_14489768 » December 19th, 2015, 1:50 pm

Hoooolllyyyyyy Moooolllyyy, my eyes are in pain!

I just wrote a post about a what S3 does right imo, might aswell put this here too.

Despite the good stuff, game has so many simple flaws which affect gameplay on rather annoying way.
S3 feels so unfinished that it hurts...

EDIT: might aswell elaborate on "unfinished" word:
- can't click on spells = you gotta hotkey even your most silly things like mount and food. Or you just gotta click it from your bag. Sucks.
- lack of options to customize UI. No re-size options. Can't move anything. Only one additional bar which i'm afraid won't be enough to hold all my spells.
- opening map removes your target aim. Really annoying since you gotta press tab or dubble tap W in order to get aim again. Small detail which slowly pisses you off more and more.
- when you drag an item over the other item in inventory, the first item doesn't take place of second one. You gotta move second one on empty spot to be able to place first item in the place of the second one. I ask you Nikita, what happens when your bags are full? You gotta destroy/dump items in order to reorganize bags? Not good.
- character disappears from mount if you talk to npc while mounted. You gotta re-mount to see your char again.
- no zone/area chat. How do you talk to ppl from outside of clan? This is mmo, mmos are about socializing with players from around the globe. Why we don't have zone/area chats?

Speaking of chats... the window.... ohh god the chat window :) Isn't it gorgeous ? :)

I dare any Nikita employee to join a clan and chat in it's window without getting his eyes to BLEED :evil:
DARK BLUE :) :) ?? Who picked that color?? Slap him, now!
Goodness gracious in 15mins of chatting with clan-mates my eyes are so tired that I want to exit game and take a break.

I'm not exaggerating. I really am not exaggerating. My eyes need a break. I don't want to end up wearing glasses.

Add some basic chat window functionality.
Holy damn, isn't it already a standard in industry?
Window transparency, font color... ? Nothing of that? C'mon lads, you gotta fine piece of mmo here, don't let it get ruined by such simple stuff, please !

You bothered enough to put in some extra font types. WHY ?!?!
Who ever switches fonts in an mmo?
Give us basic font and allow us to change size, color and window transparency.

That's all. /flex

( keep in mind, all of this is found in first TEN levels of game... Nikita, wake up before its too late)

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Re: Chat window and other signs of unfinished game

Post by GameXP_14489768 » December 28th, 2015, 4:07 am

bumping this with quote from the webiste's Basic Guide:

In-game chat
There are following windows of the in-game chat:

Common chat/Trade chat — Message could be seen by everybody within the 100 meter radius.
Party chat — Message can be seen only by the members of your party.
Clan chat — Message can be seen only by the members of your clan.
Private chat — Message can be seen only by you and your interlocutor. To start private chat type «/w CharacterName» in any chat window and press «Enter».
Combat log — System chat. Messages sent to the combat log are also seen in the common chat.
To open the input window press «Enter», type your message and press «Enter» again.

You promote hardcore stuff, loosing items and xp upon dying and stuff like that. Community loves that, that's what we missed in modern days of spoiled gaming where loot is simply handed out to you from a "pinnata type" bosses.
However, after lvl 18 quests start to be EXTREMELY increased in difficulty (at least for necromancer class).
Having no area/zone chat with current population is beyond the line of "hardcore".
Thats starting to go over the line and it's on the edge of stupidity.

Game has low population and lets be honest, we are rare spices of gamers who can cope with this grind and style of gaming. Relying on clan is great, but not always helpful. I hate to ask for help every now and than when there is someone is my zone on the same level who probably has the same quest.
And guess what... I can't contact him, I can't LFM <insert quest name>.
I miss that thing, I really do.

Most of game's flaws are kinda overlooked when you dive deeper into the game. I got used on longer inventory management process, I got used on pressing tab after each map opening etc etc... Some stuff you can get used on.
But this... this directly affects your gaming experience. On a bad way too.

Some quests clearly state that it's advisable to look for someone else to help you over it.
Luckily necro is good on soloing elites 3-4 lvls above me. But what about some other class who might have less cc?

I had a quest to kill 25 spies... mobs 2 lvl above me that atk in group if you attack only 1 of them. For a necromancer, mission impossible. My aoe spell is weak, cc doesn't hold enough to cope with 3 mobs and I got one self healing spell which heals me 20% of dmg done + pots.
I ended up calling 30+ clan mate to help me. What if he wasn't online? Why do you force us to solo things which are meant for party?

For me, game doesn't feel "dead" because I'm in clan that has most of demons in it. Have you wondered how does that new guy feels when he enters game? No chat activity, none to party with, none to talk with about game... ? He can't even look for clan on chat? We used all our megaphones for recruiting new folks, we will have buy more probably. Is that what you want us to do?
Please... SWOTR has one of the most popular franchises turned into an mmo and look how it turned out after bad business model (selling action bars and other hilarious things).
Why are you selling us communication tools? MMO is about social experience.
If i'm alone in game i won't buy a thing from your store. I might not be alone at all and still have that impression because of the lack of simple stuff such as zone chat.

Give us the way to communicate more outside of clan. I'd like to meet more ppl that share same mmo taste as me.

Sorry for the long post :) :)

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