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My Suggestions

Post by GameXP_14507749 » January 30th, 2016, 8:49 pm

tittle and achievement : Maybe add that in the game and get a scores and get prize with the points of the tittles we earn and such like maybe a pet or armor or health pots. rewards and such, to keep players more into the game for a more fun game. Making players want to earn more to get more stuff and such things.

Fashion & Mounts : Fashion, ya people buy stuff from shop what about having fashion for only for 3 days or 24 hours to show what you got in shops

Marriage Package : can get married with Achievement points or you buy it from shops. just a thought or so, alot of gamers like that sort of thing. (mind you, no one ever ask me to marry them xD)

well thats all i can come up with. In my mind. :S tell me what you think. :D

Edit :S just thought of somthing

Boss Monsters : Boss monsters that a come around, like one per map.

Raids : Having raids where monsters start respawning in main basie's for like 20 minutes to help clan members to gain points that way too, get stuff again like armor, pots and otherthings.

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