The mount issue kills this game

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The mount issue kills this game

Post by GameXP_14508686 » February 11th, 2016, 12:56 pm

My time with this game was kind of an enjoyable one. I say kind of because the story is meh, you need put fire to translator, the combat is needlessly clunky and would have been better off just having the same control system as World of Warcraft (You're obviously trying to do what Smite did, but the difference is that Smite is about skill-shots and this game is not!), the landscape, while vast (We'll get to this in a second), is rather generic...

And to top it all off, if you want a mount that isn't your starting mount that you only get to keep for just under a day, you have to pay IRL money at least once a month (I was given no indication that mounts that you can pay in game golds for exists, and I'd practically finished the first area of the Demon quest-line before I stopped playing). Because of the size of the map, mounts are a none optional extra (Riding through the wilderness takes long enough as it is, I would hate to have to walk everywhere, and the teleporters are spaced so far apart that they can only do so much to help), which means that the IRL monthly cost of having a mount is basically a subscription fee and if I wanted to pay a subscription fee I would go back to the aforementioned WoW (It's about the same price too, and in WoW you get to have FLYING mounts).

Now I am not one of those ignorant people who complain about free to play games trying to make money, but $10 a month for something that should be free and that you can't really go without is a bit much. Even if I WANTED to spend $10 a month, I can't spend it on cool things like powerful enchantments and what have you because I have to spend it all on my mount, if I wanted those, I'd have to pay even more.

I'm sure you're just going to abandon this game to its fate considering it's basically dead on arrival (I literally did not see a single other person in this Player vs. Player oriented MMO). But I can't even enjoy this game as a single player PvE experience if I have to pay $10 a month for that privilege, considering that I could spend the same amount of money to play a dedicated (And vastly better) PvE game like Sacred or Neverwinter Nights (You don't have a mount in the latter, but you do in the former) and as a once off payment.

I would say not account locking mounts and letting you buy them from other players might save this game, but the game is so dead that even that won't work because I couldn't even find enchantment stones and enchantment scrolls in the auction house (There was only 5 items up, and they were all by the same person).


tl;dr I recently spent over $100 on another game, so I am no scrooge, but I can not, in good consciousness, spend money on a basic right on a regular basic. Especially on an MMO as dead (and bad) as this.

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Re: The mount issue kills this game

Post by GameXP_14506554 » February 11th, 2016, 6:41 pm

U can buy mount from castle if u in the clan that owned the castle..its cost u 5000 gold coin..u can keep it as long as your clan owned that castle..

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Re: The mount issue kills this game

Post by GameXP_14482171 » February 15th, 2016, 7:14 pm

Thanks for your feedback.

I don't know either, why mounts are about $10 a month. It is not an issue though.

You can get permanent mounts for 5.000 gold when you join a clan that owns castles ("Russo Turisto" and "Legion 2 point O" in PvP server).

And you can find enchantment stones/scrolls as you level up. Or you can ask in clan chat. Some higher level characters will be willing to give away some enchantment stones/scrolls, golds, and other goodies.

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