Some Feedback

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Some Feedback

Post by GameXP_14468487 » December 3rd, 2015, 10:12 am

Im only going to talk about what i have experienced sofar and what improvments/changes I would make.
I have 2 toons, 1 is lvl 10 (sorc) and the other is lvl 11 (pala), so im not going to talk about anything that is beyond those levels right now, will do later tho.
First off the game looks like it has a solid ground for an mmo, you got your storyline straight, quests, side quests, the world etc. you actually offer all the things that Lineage 2 offered back in the day (which was the best mmo ever made in my opinion). but you need to flesh out the game a bit more, there is a lot of potential in your mmo. if u actually work towards making this similar to L2 then there is a big future for Sphere 3, no other mmo has even come close to what Lineage 2 was, and a lot of gamers are out there waiting for an mmo like L2 to come knocking at their door. sry im blabbering on here about L2 (you really need to check it out)
now back to Sphere.

1. MAP
It would be nice if the map was more detailed, we want to see where the next weapon dealer is etc. + it needs more zoom.

2. XP bonuses
Now dont get me wrong, I like to grind but sometimes it would be nice to have a little bonus, or make XP pots (increased xp gain for certain amount of minutes or hours) you could make them purchasable via shop even. or maybe the first login of the day, one gets a 100% xp boost for an hour, something like that.

3. Crafting
Now I have not reached that point yet but I just have to point it out, if you can make a decent crafting system, then do so, crafting offers so much to an mmo, but also add risk to it, so a certain % chance that your craft will fail and be destroyed. this was also fun in lineage, it made you greatfull for every single item you crafted and enchanted etc. 1 more thing here, craftable items have to be better or the same quility as dropped items, this is so important, i have seen too many mmos implement a crafting system, only for it to fail because drops were better than the crafted items.

4. Classes
Remove sex restrictions to certain classes, make it so every class can be Male or Female.

5. Mob Spawn
Increase the mob respawn timer by atleast 100%, They respawn way too fast atm.

6. Fences + cliffs etc
You might want to look into reducing the hight of the invisible walls on smaller fences, on a mount you should be able to jump over them, but its very glitchy atm. same goes for cliffs, certain cliffs one can run up when one should not be able to because it is way too steep, and certain cliffs one can not run or jump up even tho they are not steep at all.

there will be more coming but thats it for now

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Re: Some Feedback

Post by GameXP_14471387 » January 2nd, 2016, 12:54 am

Lineage 2? That game wasn't anything special man. Move on.

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Re: Some Feedback

Post by GameXP_14481108 » January 2nd, 2016, 2:05 am

L2 was and is a great game. I played it for years.

Sphere 3 has to improve, we all know that.

What has to improve... well, let the dev team think about that and dont get inspirated by games like lineage even if i think like looney, that l2 had alot of great features. 8-)

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