Clan Legion 2 point O - PvP server [Demon Faction]

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Clan Legion 2 point O - PvP server [Demon Faction]

Post by GameXP_14482171 » February 15th, 2016, 6:56 pm

About us:

We are currently the kick-ass Demon clan on the PvP server, fastest breeding, craziest, and the only clan that holds castles on the Evil side >: ) ! We hold our dreaded castles Bansolas and Rifuar from which you can obtain various goodies such as +12 socks, undead mounts, and buffs! We were previously known as clan "Observers" (former clan "Legion" (former clan "Vandals")) BUTT we found a new, better, improved cave in Legion 2 point O.

Our clan offers a community of mature, experienced players ready to help out those who are just starting or those who have already learned the ropes - everyone's welcome in the clan- EVERYONE yeah!!!

We participate in dungeons, sieges, party-grinding, party-picnicking, helping in quests - and other evil deeds >: ) .

If you are looking for a pubescent, active, hardcore clan, look no further! We'll be the perfect comfortable homeless shelter for you.


>> Your character has to be on the demon side


>> At this moment, we have no rules ... yet.
>> All languages are welcome. Romanized languages will help us and you use Google Translate.


To join, you will have to either send an in-game whisper to our recruiters :

- DrDooom (3 o's)
- Albino
- olfe (lowercase o)
- Arkeiour

OR provide your name and class in a reply to this thread. Please, make sure you type the names properly capitalized.

See you in game!

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Re: Clan Legion 2 point O - PvP server [Demon Faction]

Post by GameXP_14524788 » February 28th, 2017, 4:57 pm

Hello! My name in game is Kabiya and I'm an archer :) I wish to join you guys but when I try to whisper it says that those names don't exist so idk ... demon faction is when you select the starting city blue or red right? if so I choose red. [if you are still active ofc since I saw it's an old post]

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Re: Clan Legion 2 point O - PvP server [Demon Faction]

Post by GameXP_14521321 » June 18th, 2018, 11:30 pm

On what PvP server are you guys playing?Immertel PvP ol Almaert PvP?

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