[Contest] Reach for the top on Immertel!

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[Contest] Reach for the top on Immertel!

Post by Administration » December 27th, 2017, 1:30 am

We have successfully launched the new PvP server - \"Immertel\". Congratulations to everyone!

Now as more players enjoying our game, we want to raise the stakes here. Our game is not only about exploring the world, doing quests and making allies. It is also about competition! And we all love to compete, right? And what is a better way to prove yourself being the best, than being the first one to achieve the highest level?

We announce that the first player, who will reach the 50th level on Immertel, will get Permanent Black stallion.

Stakes are high, reward is priceless, but who will get it? Who will be the very best? Now, it is your chance! Goodluck!

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