respawn rate is horrific

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respawn rate is horrific

Post by GameXP_14489768 » December 18th, 2015, 5:52 pm

It's too fast.

I found your game on steam, went to give it a shot and.... nope... this won't work like this.

Respawn rate is beyond silly, beyond annoying, beyond realistic, beyond "you name it"...
I found myself standing in place and killing ONE mob to complete quest.

WHY are there hundreds of mobs in area if you are gonna need ONE of them to do the quest.
I get it... population was high when it was early stages of game... but dude, its not even a year since game is on steam.
It's a fresh game, and already suffers from population issues. It has no advertisement campaign or anything similar. It's just there and getting those who might randomly come across it.

You won't ever have a population which could justify such horrible respawn rate.

Can you do something about this... ? Looks and feels really bad now :P

EDIT: I came to google the forum of your game just to tell you this only cuz of one reason!
YOUR GAME LOOKS PROMISING! It really does, I would like to stick here for a while but oh god does this respawn rate kill my immersion feeling!! Please, I beg you, at least reply here with your opinion on this matter.
I dare you to go and do starter missions and tell me how you feel after 45mins of gameplay...
You'd feel just like I do: "Damn this game is solid! But ffs why are those guys respawning faster than I'm killing them!!!"

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Re: respawn rate is horrific

Post by GameXP_14471387 » January 2nd, 2016, 12:32 am

Yeah because people want to kill 1 single mob in a row repeatedly? :lol: You realize many classes can kite tons of mobs so if your class can't. Oh well, or make one that can. With how long it takes to level once you reach 25, I find it hard to say that the respawn rate is ridiculous. It's nice for people who actually have a life and don't wanna wait around all day just to kill something.

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