Running, Jumping, & Attacking - Slow? Delayed?

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Running, Jumping, & Attacking - Slow? Delayed?

Post by GameXP_14468159 » December 3rd, 2015, 1:58 pm

Hello there,
I don't usually post on forums but I thought I would see if I can assist here at Sphere 3 as I believe the game has potential.

Seems.. slow? Maybe there simply needs to be a different animation, maybe the footsteps aren't aligned correctly with the environment.. not too sure, but something seems off. Generally things feel slow though vs. a lot of other games. I feel like I'm slowly becoming impatient when I'm running around, I feel held back. I'm only level 5, but if not already implemented - maybe adding Movement/Run Speed attributes to boots could be an easy fix? I've noticed many others feeling the same way.

I never really have wanted to actually jump yet, and ohhh I love to bhop. It seems also delayed I guess? It's like I'm gliding through the air for 1-1.5 seconds.. which seems way too long. Maybe just making the jump animation quicker would refine things a bunch.

I love the combat system.. 90% of the other games I've stuck with have had the same type. That's probably 75% why I have even joined this game, along with many others I'm sure. Fantastic move on your part. I've noticed when attacking though that if I move my cursor about an inch over after I've began casting my spell, I'm a Sorcerer, it will be responsive and hit the target even though I moved the cursor from where I actually clicked to cast. Now, if I move the cursor over 2 inches accross my screen let's say, the spell will actually shoot back at where the cursor originally was. This definitely makes things feel unresponsive and not fluid at all. It feels all over the place when I'm in the middle of a battle, as my spells cast while moving so I like to be hopping and running around. This should be changed so that spells, hits, whatever registers to wherever the cursor is aimed, not what it's aiming at.

Just a few pieces of feedback,
Best of luck.

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Re: Running, Jumping, & Attacking - Slow? Delayed?

Post by GameXP_14468686 » December 3rd, 2015, 5:01 pm

Moving: keep doing the main story line the lv 5 quest *or is it lv 4* gives you a permanent mount.


check your ping. what most people don't realize is these are EU servers and not NA. so if you live in NA there will be delays to everything

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Re: Running, Jumping, & Attacking - Slow? Delayed?

Post by GameXP_14471387 » January 2nd, 2016, 12:48 am

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