First Castle owners on PvE!

Greetings, Heroes!

The young worlds of Sphera 3 are developing very fast. Just a few days ago we congradulated the first castle owner on PvP server, and today we are happy to announce the first castle owner on PvE server!
The first successful castle siege was performed by BlackSnow clan (Bansolas castle)!
Of course, they deserved their reward! Every BlackSnow member who took part in that siege, will get this amazing gifts:
Helmet of the Dragon Lord (permanent)
Desert armorback summon whistle (30 days) (1 pcs)
Teleportation stone. (30 pcs)
Resurrection scroll (10 pcs)
Banker summoning scroll (10 pcs)
Group summoning scroll (5 pcs)
Elite repair tools (50 pcs)
Our congradulations to BlackSnow clan!
And we remind that you still have a chance to win a level race on any server and get a fantastic prize! Good luck!