FREE gift with your first GXP purchase

Greetings, Player!
We have great news for you.
Now you have the opportunity to make your gaming experience even better. If you haven’t used our Store yet, we are giving you a Free gift with your first GXP purchase.* The gift will contain a package of great items to the value of 70 GXP. Don’t miss your chance to explore the contents of the Store and get a variety of amazing and useful items for Sphere 3! And of course, the GXP you bought will be added to your Store bank account.
With your first purchase** you will receive:
Obsidian shieldback summon whistle (7 days) (1 pcs)
Fox cub summon whistle (7 days) (1 pcs)
Helmet of the sky champion (30 days) (1 pcs)
Healing potion (10 pcs)
Resurrection scroll (5 pcs)
Strong potion of might (10 pcs)
Teleportation stone. (20 pcs)
Banker summoning scroll (5 pcs)
Strong accuracy arcanum (10 pcs)
Strong destruction arcanum (10 pcs)
Strong potion of endurance (10 pcs)
Elite repair tools (40 pcs)
Strong light step potion (10 pcs)
Click here to make the purchase
After you made the purchase, you can pick up your gift on “My account” page at the game site.***
Sincerely yours, Administration.
* To receive the gift, you shoud buy no less than 15 GXP.
** GXP that were won or gifted will not count in the terms of the event.
*** Gift items can be picked up on “My account” page within 30 days after your purchase. If not picked up within 30 days, the gifts will disappear. Terms of the event can be changed unilaterally by Administration, including the case of the event’s early termination.