Race to the top

The «Forsaken Lands. Part One» update is already in the game! Congratulations to everyone!
This update increases the character’s maximum level to 50. Your hero will have plenty of opportunities to become mightier and take part in exciting adventures. And what is a better way to prove yourself being the best, than being the first one to achieve the highest level?
We announce that the first player, who will reach the 50th level in Sphere 3, will get the “Amethyst Wingback”.* This is the most unique and most valuable mount. Really nice looking bird that will get you anywhere extremely fast!

Most exiting part is that, in this event Amethyst Wingback is permanent and will stay with you forever! It is really unique opportunity.
Stakes are high, reward is priceless, but who will get it? Who will be the very best? Now, it is your chance! Goodluck!