New add-on: The Forgotten Lands

The «Forsaken Lands. Part One» update is already in the game!
The world of Sphere grows ever larger as explorers discover new previously inaccessible territories. A new region was found beyond war-torn Bristlefields, a vast expanse called the Forsaken Lands.

Most of the Forsaken Lands are nothing but a gloomy quagmire, but the marshes do have a certain charm. Mist-covered horizon and gentle mosses give the place an air of tranquility, but stay on your toes! There’s plenty of dangers in the Forsaken Lands and little time to relax. Vicious monsters of level 45 and above lurk around every corner.
But you don’t have to fear monsters if your character is strong! This update increases the character’s maximum level to 50. Your hero will have plenty of opportunities to become mightier and take part in exciting adventures.
One of such feats of strength is hunt for a new world boss — Nerkor. Effigies take shape given to them by a sculptor, but Nerkor was given shape by his lust for power and control over lands that once belonged to renowned sages and heroes. Had the strongest of gargoyles been an enemy of the firstborn or the original denizens of the Forsaken Lands? No one remembers. No one saw the wings of Nerkor and lived to tell the tale.
But you don’t have to be afraid if you’re sufficiently prepared. Don’t miss the opportunity to relieve Nerkor of his treasures! What treasures are those? You’ll have to defeat him to find out!
Needless to say, you will advance the plot as you level up your character — the rocky road from level 45 to 50 contains many exciting quests.
The new territories contain more than just new quests and ferocious monsters; of course, there is also a newly discovered castle called In'Kaliat!
In’Kaliat isn’t a simple fortress, it is an entirely new keep. Its appearance alone is enough to make a traveler stop and admire the creation of ancient builders.
The interior of the castle is just as fascinating: marvel at the magnificent effigy or Nerkor in the main hall. Before you stands the symbol and the guardian spirit of the indomitable citadel.
There are 5 banners in the new castle that courageous heroes may raise. This is by no means an easy task – the castle defenders are incredibly strong. You’re going to need the sturdiest armor and the mightiest of weapons to lay siege to In’Kaliat.
The castle is a level 50 battleground, and you will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to capture it.
The ruler of In’Kaliat will be rewarded with level 50 gear, level 50 potions, a special mount and a unique blessing.
It's time to rush for the top now!