Sphere 3 celebrates its second birthday!

Dear friends!
On August, 18 our favorite game celebrates its birthday – it’s been 2 years since the Enchanted World opened its doors to intrepid adventurers. Since then plenty of thrill seekers experienced its many dangers, made wondrous discoveries and explored the forgotten corners of our magic land, but rest assured that the best is yet to come!

We’ve done a lot during this year:
  • Reworked the castle equipment system– best items in the game can only be obtained by the most dedicated leaders, but castle equipment can be upgraded using gold coins with no chance of failure.
  • Introduced a completely new crating system that overhauled in-game economy and rejuvenated Sphere 3 PvE content.
  • Presented “Forgotten Lands”, a global update that increased maximum character level to 50, added a new location inhabited by previously unseen monsters that includes a new castle and a challenging dungeon with unique bosses for characters lvl 46 and above.
  • Added castle dungeons that yield precious resources and upgrade items.
  • Included new in-game communication features such as friend list and chat moderation.

Thank you for enjoying the game with us – it is your dedication and your achievements that inspire us to make Sphere even better! We are grateful for your feedback and for helping us spot the game’s flaws – we are working for you!
Join us during the celebration!