Adventure seekers - a new event

A new in-game event, “Adventure seekers”, has begun.
During the event any monster within 1 to 2 level range may drop an adventurer’s badge that can be combined with other such badges to create a reward. Obtain and use the final item, an adventurer’s crown, to increase the agility, intellect and wisdom of your character by 1% (this effect can stack up to 5% times). This buff lasts for the duration of the event and will linger for 1 week after it ends.
Each time you combine the badges your team gets 1 victory point. The results are tallied once per day and the counter resets, granting a buff to both factions depending on the place they took in the competition.
Remember that players from the enemy faction may claim half of your adventurer’s badges if they defeat you!
Additional badges can be received every day by completing daily quests issued by young adventurers in Cinderkrag or Hellsong tavern. An active premium account increases the chance to find an adventurer’s badge by 5%.
Step forth! The adventures await.