• Knowledge Time!


    Day of Knowledge is coming, and is there better time to make pleasant discoveries in the world of Sphere?

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  • Birthday adventures!


    Famous explorers from both factions return to the capitals to celebrate Sphere 3 birthday. They will reward you with fantastic gifts!

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  • Adventure seekers - a new event


    A new in-game event, “Adventure seekers”, has begun. Step forth! The adventures await.

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  • Capture the Throne of the Dead God!


    Throne of the Dead God has been forgotten and abandoned even by the exotic cults of Emerald Valley, but Agwar the Thistle and his Order did not shy away from this place of terrible power.

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  • Victory Day! Complete missions and get rewards!


    It is time for all denizens of the world of the Sphere to honor the warriors that lost their lives in the great battle between the four races!

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  • Gameplay time rewards updated!


    We’ve wanted to change the gameplay reward system for a while now and are finally ready to reveal the new gift sets!

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  • Return of the Serpent God


    Thrice-cursed cult of the Serpent God has stirred back to life in Emerald Valley. Only the true heroes will manage to resist the sinister fanatics and prevent the looming catastrophe!

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  • Bright Flame Holiday!


    No matter what weather looks like this summer, the world of Sphere remains smoking hot. Welcome to Bright Flame Holiday!

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  • Rage of the Devastator: advice from the developers


    The update brought many changes to all aspects of the game, so this diary will suggest a few ways to play and help you gain insight into the new mechanics.

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  • Rage of the Devastator is here!


    The world is changing fast, and so does Sphere! The update “Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator” is finally out!

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