• Spring adventures in Sphere 3


    Join the spring event and get rewards every day!

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  • Get your reward as a true Defender!


    A new in-game event is on, and it's time to show your valor and get some great rewards!

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  • Ride a magnificent steed fit for a true hero!


    A magnificent steed that will ride you from Forgotten Lands to Sindergreg and back is already here and ready! Get this adorable mount right now and start a new great adventure in Sphere 3.

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  • Race to the top


    Battle is on! Who will be the first to get to the top? The first one will get incredible prize. Will it be you?

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  • New add-on: The Forgotten Lands


    The world of Sphere grows ever larger as explorers discover new previously inaccessible territories. A new region was found beyond war-torn Bristlefields, a vast expanse called the Forsaken Lands.

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  • Enjoy the Snowy Fairytale!


    Christmas came to the Sphere 3. Take part in the festive events, meet new characters, complete special festive missions and don’t forget to play snowball fight!

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  • Global Update: Craft System and More!


    Sphere 3 is getting more and more interesting! The new opportunities appear and some known thing get new attributes.Please find below the patch notes for Global Update.

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  • PvP servers merge


    EU Nomad PvP realm and RU Almaert PvP realm are now merged into one great international realm. You can meet more friends, slay more enemies and have endless fun in Erikuria and Tyr Twayd.

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  • Attack of the Ghosts


    Halloween is coming and it means that all kinds of scum is already leaving tombs and lairs. World of Sphere 3 is under attack of ghosts. Welcome to the Halloween event at Sphere 3!

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  • New castle equipment system


    As you already know, the most important and determining factor in our work on the game is your feedback and suggestions. We have made some changes in castle equipment system.

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