PK (Player killer) system

There are three types of zones in the Sphere 3. In this article we’ll tell you how will fights go in the neutral zones.

Staying in neutral zone you can attack the player of your faction only with active PK mode.

The «switcher» of this mode is situated at the upper left corner on the mini-map. If the zone is neutral the bird sign on the icon will be replaced with two parallel swords. Click on it once to turn the PK mode on.

PK mode off
PK mode on

If you killed other player in this mode, you’ll get some points of negative karma.

You can see your current amount of karma points in the character’s window (P).

the character’s window

Depending of your amount of negative karma points player can lose items upon death (if you’re killed by the monster this chance decreases).

1. Player is in the attacking state (player attacked but didn’t kill anybody):

Player loses 10% of their gold.

2. Amount of negative karma points is less than 400:

Player loses 30% of current gold, and also have a chance to lose 1 to 3 items from your inventory. There is also 30% chance to lose the item from your equipment.

3. Amount of negative karma points is bigger than 400:

Player loses 40% of current gold, and also have a chance to lose 2 to 4 items from your inventory. There is also 50% chance to lose the item from your equipment.

If the other player of your faction dealt damage to you during the assault, this PvP fight will be considered fair and you won’t get negative karma points.

Loosing negative carma points.

How do you get rid of negative karma?

You can «clear» your karma the following ways:

  • Death of the character
  • Killing monsters

Character’s death allows you to get rid of 10 points of negative karma.

Loosing points for killing monsters depends of the level difference between killer and his victim. If the victim has higher level than the player, you’ll lose more negative karma points. If your level if higher — you’ll lose less negative karma points. It’s important to know that if your level is significantly higher than the victims — you will not lose karma points at all.