Descendants of the Nameless imprisoned in the heart of the Earth, demons believe that their mission is to clean the surface of the Sphere from the filth that erodes it, from all the creatures of Light and intelligent beings. Their goal is to destroy all cities and temples, wipe even the very memory of the civilizations from the face of the earth. Their religion — is the chaos and destruction, their element — is greedy and always hungry fire.

Hell circle formed from the best representatives of all the castes leads the race. Trying to establish control over the underground depths, demons faced dwarves and met with a resounding rebuff.

Protracted confrontation was exhausting for both races and, in the end, the leaders of the two nations signed a truce, went down in history as «the Concordat of Flame and stone». As a result of the concordat both races have committed put their best fighters for a fight every 50 years the result of which will determine, who will control the bowels of the earth in the future. Dwarves won the first ritual fight. But after almost half a century, demons are set to take revenge.


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