Once the lands of the dark elves spreaded across all the continent, and from the coast to the spurs of the dwarven mountains an elf could get, without stepping on non-elven lands. But the dominion of the Elves came to an end when tribes of the northern barbarians flooded the Tir Twayd.

An endless war started that lasted more than 300 years and ended in a crushing defeat for the Elves. Major race was forced to leave most of their lands to the humans, and from all their former glory they were left only a piece of land around their ancient capital Gearost.

Having lost the most part of population due to war, elves who always were less fertile than humans began to fade away. Not wanting to put up with this, the supreme council of the elves turned to the sorcerers, and together they were able to summon demons in this world and form an alliance with them against humans and dwarves.